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About Zapiro and Zapiro's shop

Located in Cape Town, South Africa,  Zapiro aka Jonathan Shapiro is an internationally known South African cartoonist. His work appears  and has appeared in numerous South African publications (Mail & Guardian, Sunday Times, The  Times , Sowetan and Independent Newspapers) and has been exhibited internationally on many occasions.

Zapiro has been publishing his Annuals since 1996. He has just published his 20th Annual - Rhodes Rage. In adddition Zapiro has published the Mandela Files, Vuvuzela and DemoCrazy.

On popular demand, we have set up this Online Shop, which sells:

  • Zapiro Books
  • Zapiro eBooks
  • Zapiro Prints (Limited)
  • Zapiro Original Cartoons
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  • Zapiro Merchandise

The Zapiro Team : Jonathan Shapiro, Eleanora Bresler and Richard Hainebach
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